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COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE (CSA) consists of a group of individuals and families who pledge support to a farm operation in exchange for a share in the harvest. Members pay in advance to cover the anticipated costs of the planting, maintenance and harvesting.
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**Introduces new and unique varieties of vegetables that may not be widely available, thus increasing healthy eating and cooking.
**Fosters mutual respect and support between the consumers and farmers.
**Provides members an opportunity to take an active and ecologically friendly role in the production and distribution of high-quality organic produce.
**Gives members the enjoyment of eating the healthiest, freshest and most locally grown food possible during the natural cycle of the growing season.
**Offers a more sustainable alternative in an age when food travels an average of 1,300 miles to reach our tables.
A CSA SHARE WITH LUNA CIRCLE FARM consists of 20 weekly deliveries of an assortment of fresh, organic, seasonal produce during the growing season.
By purchasing a CSA share from LUNA CIRCLE FARM you are guaranteed quality MOSA-certified organic produce, harvested within 24-48 hours of delivery.

THE PRICE FOR ONE SHARE IS $595. One weekly share is designed to feed one to two person households who prepare most of their own meals or households of 4 who eat out a little. (The size of your share may become more abundant during peak harvest times.)
LOOKING FOR A SMALLER SHARE? Sign up for an every other week share at $340. This gives you 10 boxes of produce during the CSA season.
The 2016 LUNA CIRCLE FARM membership season runs from JUNE 14th to OCTOBER 25th. Your membership includes a box of fresh, seasonal MOSA-CERTIFIED ORGANIC produce each week for 20 weeks. In addition, you'll receive a copy of our weekly newsletter The Radish Buncher, which is filled with news from the farm, specific information about the items in your share, as well as storage tips and related recipes.
*PAYMENT IN FULL- Full shares pay $595 at the time of registration. Every other week shares pay $340 at registration.
*4 EASY INSTALLMENTS- Full shares - enclose your first payment of $145, plus three (3) additional checks, each in the amount of $150, postdated for the following three months. Every other week shares - enclose your first payment of $85, plus three (3) additional checks of $85, postdated for the following three months.
GET A CASH REBATE ON YOUR CSA SHARE THROUGH YOUR INSURANCE PROVIDER. Several insurance providers and Fairshare, the Madison Area CSA Coalition  have teamed up to offer rebates for purchasing a CSA membership! Visit or check with your provider for more details.
Download CSA membership form

Weekly shares are available for pickup everyTuesday, from five convenient locations. At the beginning of the season, members choose the location that is the most convenient for them. The following are the five locations from which to choose:
Madison East: 4-8 PM
1327 E. Dayton St.
(near Baldwin St and E. Johnson St.)
Madison West: 4-8 PM
3901 Birch Ave.
(near Mineral Point Rd. and Midvale Blvd.)
Middleton: 4:30-8 PM
5801 Taft St
(near Century Ave and Baskerville)
Portage 1-5 PM
Tangerine Health Food Store, 201 DeWitt St. Portage, WI
The Farm 3-9 PM
N2765 Severson Rd., Rio, WI

(just 25 miles NE of Madison)
Campus Location
Near Forest Products Lab - Check with the farm for details

Throughout the year, LUNA CIRCLE FARM hosts several gatherings, such as farm workdays and potlucks, bringing members together to share and visit the place where their food is grown. Through our CSA, we hope to encourage deeper connections with the land and with each other.